Our Vision & Mission

The Dearborn Library Foundation is an independent non-profit organization established for the purpose of benefiting, promoting and enhancing the Library system.

Vision – Our Vision is to fund and support projects, which will enhance the library’s facilities and programs and build on the library’s relevancy to the community now and in the future.

Values – We value effective fundraising practices and prudent stewardship of funds for use on library enhancement projects. We believe the Library is a home not only for books, but for technology, curiosity and knowledge; an obvious place for the celebration of literacy and the “never stop learning” message for all ages.

Community – The Dearborn Library system is an essential part of what makes our community vibrant and attractive to current residents as well as people considering moving here. Libraries are the inheritance of every individual in this country, and the Foundation is committed to ensuring that this inheritance lives in perpetuity, and is available to all citizens of the community.